Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Oh Happy Day

So it happened, I'm ENGAGED!!! I am so so so happy right now I can't believe I'm marrying someone as amazing as Grant. We've been dating for nine and a half months and now I get to be his wife, I'm so grateful.
20 reasons why I want to marry Grant:
1. He makes me smile and laugh all the time
2. He teaches me so much everyday
3. His love of God
4. His willingness to change and grow
5. He never settles
6. He's organized... (I'm not! At all)
7. He treats me better than he treats himself
8. His strengths are my weaknesses
9. He lets me lean on him for the strength that I don't have
10. He's HOT!!
11. He works so hard
12. He doesn't judge anyone
13. He's sensitive
14. He has the most amazing eyes
15. His family is incredible
16. His testimony
17. He makes me feel like I'm the most beautiful person alive
18. He's open with me
19. His sweet ride :)
20. He supports me

Ok so I'm sure your dying to know how this happened! Here it goes. It started Saturday... we had a date planned and he was going to pick me up at 3:00. He brought me a dozen red roses, the most beautiful roses I've ever seen, I wish I had a picture cause I can't describe them well enough. So he took me to the Thanksgiving Point gardens, one of the prettiest places! This is the best picture I could find online!

After we went to eat at Cheesecake Factory, the yummiest restaurant! This whole time I'm just waiting for him to propose, I knew it was happening! Then we go carve pumpkins, mine was hideous... I wish I had a picture of that too. Then we went and looked at the stars in a park... then he took me home! That was it! I was a brat that night and was so frustrated that he didn't do it and all my roommates assured me that he just chickened out or something.

Monday roles around, I'm wondering if I just made this whole getting engaged thing up, maybe he's NEVER going to. I knew I was being impatient but I had been wanting to marry this boy since summer! So Monday after school were just talking and he has the idea to go on his motorcycle. I didn't think anything special of it cause it was a GORGEOUS day and we go riding a lot. He took me up the canyon to this park that we like to go to. It was the first place we talked about marriage, we argued whether or not we would have a dog. Side note: that conversation was months ago and we still haven't compromised on that decision! So we found this trail along the creek that runs through and hiked up it. We found a bridge crossing the creek to sit on and were just talking and enjoying how stunning it was in the mountains with the yellow trees and leaves falling. It was perfect! In my head this whole time I was thinking maybe... maybe... and then I told myself to stop it because I always let my hopes get too high and then nothin happens. Grant said hey I found something along the trail I want to show you. He moves over and I'm just sitting there, then I look and he's on his knee!!!!!!!!!! I think the biggest grin just flashed over my face at that moment. He told me he wanted to marry me and that he wouldn't be perfect at it and would need to lean on me at times and he loves me. Then came the words every girl dreams about hearing, "will you marry me?" I've never felt so much joy and gratitude! I feel so grateful to get to be with him! Here are some pictures from our day together!

I made him get on his knee so I could have a picture... I think he's begging!

I think I must be happy!

Of course I had to take a picture of the ring... I don't deserve to wear something so beautiful, it's perfect!