Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Teacher Pants

Usually Halloween kinda just comes and goes in this house. But this year I've been making a point to be a little more festive. I've come to the realization that traditions don't just happen, but you have to make them happen so I'm doing my best. We carved pumpkins with a few really good friends and I must say it was the best pumpkin I've ever carved!

Can you guess whose is whose?
We've gone to 2 haunted houses this year. Nightmare on 13th and a $1 haunted house in Provo. Both were nice a creepy! We're going to the play Dracula on Friday and I think that should do it for Halloween spookiness.

I also started teaching today. Hence the "teacher pants" as the girls in my major like to call them. I met my mentor teacher and she is wonderful. I think it will be a great experience and hopefully I will learn a lot.

My first day of school! Teachers can't wear jeans... lots of "teacher pants" and skirts for the next month!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Warning: there will be no coherent order to this post.

I am loving this semester. I finally have 3 of my greatest friends all living near me! So we decided we need a monthly dinner in which attendance is mandatory. September's was fab. We ate Chicken Cordon Bleu, salad, potatoes, asparagus, rolls, and peanut butter bars. Yum. Then we played...

Yup you guess it, Quelf. What a grand time we had! Here are some of the favorite pictures of the night.

Meet Aaron. The poor kid had to do all the most embarrassing tasks of the night. (He's my friend Caitlin's, remember the returned missionary, boy toy.) What a good sport!

Jordan was banished underneath the table for a little while, love the face my friend!
Erin and I had to creepily slow dance with each other, circa high school. I'm so creeped out, look at that face.

This handsome guy was a beautiful miming ballerina. Look at those lines!
Oh Aaron you poor thing. He was, I believe a mime stuck in a box on this one. Thanks for all the laughs though!

We also played a rousing game of Guesstures in which the boys pummeled the girls. We were so certain we were going to win too. Bummer.

I love my friends! Jordan is working her fanny off at dental hygiene school, amazing right? Erin is working as a dental hygienist, plus being a mom of the cutest one year old boy I know! And Caitlin just worked her tail of for a year and a half as a missionary. I am one lucky girl to have such incredible friends.

Last weekend I went on a girls getaway to St. George. It was so fun and so nice to get to spend more time with my sister-in-law Elizabeth and her two funny girls. You can read all about the trip here. Basically we went to Tarzan at the Tuacahn, an amazing outdoor theater. We shopped, ate, talked, and watched some seriously amazing people run a marathon.

With the girls. Tarzan was SO good, I cried... multiple times. Who doesn't cry when they hear "You'll Be in My Heart?" Such a good song.

Thanks Betsy for SUCH a fun trip!

Funny side story. As I'm sitting waiting for the play to start, my lovely friend Dantzel comes waltzing in front of us and literally sits directly in front of me. I haven't seen this girl in at least a year... and we both live in Provo! Who would have thought we'd see each other in St. George of all places. Needless to say we resolved to have lunch together more frequent than once a year.

Oh and I dyed my hair a lovely shade of brown. It was time for a change. I'm slowly adjusting to the strange girl looking back at me in the mirror! Change is good right?

Other than that we're just schoolin it up, Grant's murdering his tests... 100%? Ya, he's a stud. Fall hit this week, I actually felt cold once or twice. This morning I walked outside took a big sniff and thought to myself, fall is here. Fall just smells different ya know?