Saturday, August 18, 2012

Baby's 1st Food

We tried sweet potatoes with Grace this week. We're still not sure how she feels about them.


Not quite sure what to do with the spoon.

She sat like this the majority of the time. Mouth wide open, food sitting on her tongue. 

All in all, I think she was weirded out by it, but we'll keep trying. I'm just noticing her bright red hair. Her hair really isn't that red, our lights make everything look a little orange, but it definitely has an auburn hint to it, not sure where that came from.  

Thursday, August 9, 2012

5 Months

Baby G is 5 months old today. Crazy.

-She is officially a napper, 1.5-3 hour naps all day. It's amazing, especially after almost 5 months of 30-40 minute naps.
-I can lay her down in her bed when she's tired and she'll just fall asleep, no tears, no fussing, just happiness. Seriously, when she's tired and fussing at me as soon as I put her in her bed she gets so happy.
-She loves the car now. If she's tired she loves to go for a car ride... and she falls asleep in the car on a pretty regular basis. No more screaming=heaven.
-She finally can hold her binky in her mouth. Which probably helps the points above. I used to have to hold it for her otherwise she'd just spit it right out.
-She doesn't hate tummy time, but doesn't love it either. She is trying to crawl, those little legs move like crrrrazy.
-She talks and makes the cuuutest noises.
-She grabs everything, including my face.
-She loves when I talk to her or read books to her.
-I think she's finally getting used to noisy places... hopefully.
-She's got her bottle eating down to about 15-20 minutes, that's down from 45-60 minutes.

I loooooove her. It's crazy how much you can love such a little person that you've only known for 5 months.

In other news we are just finishing out our summer. Grant is getting so close to his selling goal. We have lots of friends coming to visit us in the fall and we can't wait! Grant's parents live here now and we've already been able to leave Grace with them and go out. So nice. Our A/C went out last week, luckily we have awesome family here and stayed with them all weekend until it got fixed.

Honestly, life is so good.