Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I reek

... literally.

*caution grotesque image below*

Tonight I stepped on one of these nasty boogers. All I wanted to do was get the laundry. Every night I walk out on our back porch I see tons of these creepy insects, and every morning they're all belly up. Tonight the beetle won the battle.

I took a step...
I felt something squishy and squirmy under my
BARE foot.
I instantly knew. I instantly freaked out.

I raced back inside and sat down to breathe. And this STENCH fills my nostrils... it's coming from my foot. Yes ladies and gents, here in Texas these are called stink bugs and I squashed it, unleashing all it potent juices onto my bare skin.

Best part... the smell won't come off no matter how much I scrub.

If I were you I would stay away from apartment 8107 tonight. (sorry hubs your not allowed to stay away ;) )

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Goodbye Utah... see ya in September

We left Utah again and here we are in SUNNY, WARM, TEXAS! I'm actually surprised we made it on time.
Grant was busy with finals ALL week long (he did really really really well this semester) and I was packing ALL week long.

Back up. So the weekend before we left Grant and I watched London and Layla, well Grant studied and I watched them, but it was fun to have him with me in the evenings. I love these girls.
London loves LOVES music. Her favorites, "willy wonka willy wonka the amazing chocolate chair" I guess chocolatier isn't in a 3 year olds vocab yet. One day she came up to me and said "bow chicka wow wow!" And my favorite, "Zaza your hair is wild!" (7:30 am just rolled out of bed)

Layla makes the funniest faces and was basically a doll to watch, when she wasn't screaming for me to hold her.

Hard to resist right? haha

Can I tell you how AMAZING it was to get to hold a baby in my arms every 3 hours to feed her.

Yes kids are EXHAUSTING, but holy cow it was awesome to wake up to her smiling face every morning.

Yes, we were busy, but don't let it fool you we still had time for fun. There is ALWAYS time for fun!

Jordan and Bridger came over for games and hamburgers. We broke out our newest addition to our game family, QUELF. IT. WAS. SO. FUN. We captured some great moments from the game below.

Bridger had to lick a piece of paper and get it to stick to his forehead for 30 seconds. EASY.

I had to drink a glass of water from the opposite side of the rim that you normally drink from. HARD-ISH. Thank Grant for this amazing shot, nice view eh?

Grant had to roll 3 3's all while having his finger in his nose. HARD. (He gave up)

I didn't have a picture of Jordan from the game, but she had to say "I have you now," everytime she made eye contact with someone. HILARIOUS, and awkward. haha. (This pic seemed to fit)

We got to see a lot of Grant's family. Between visit's for Womens Conference and weddings he had 3 siblings in town and his mom. Basically I loved it. Womens Conference was SO what I needed. Thanks Karen for the ticket! And I was totally reminded of how EXCITED I am to live in Dallas with Greg and Christy and Mer and Bart and all the kiddos after seeing all of them!

Then Grant and I got in the car at about noon on Friday and drove straight to San Antonio. 22 hours baby. We rock (at driving that is). We took turns sleeping and driving and I ate A LOT of sunflower seeds to keep me awake between 11 and 4 am.