Monday, September 5, 2011

Naps and Vinegar

That is the best way to describe me lately. Vinegar! It sounds SO good all the time. Salt and vinegar chips, cucumbers in vinegar, vinegar poured on my sandwich, french fries in vinegar, you name it. It's hard to describe the intensity of a craving to someone who has never been pregnant. Like the other day at the movies, I REALLY wanted popcorn, but it's so expensive so I told myself no. But the entire movie all I thought about was the popcorn, and didn't really enjoy the movie. And I was angry with anyone I heard eating it, it's really intense. On top of my love of vinegar, my second love is naps. Saturday night I slept for 9 hours, took a 2 hour nap on Sunday, and still was exhausted by 9 o'clock Sunday night. Oh the joys of pregnancy! On a happy note look at that bump! Not much, I know, but hey this momma is feeling pretty proud. Other then I had to wear a skirt to school on Thursday unzipped. Not my proudest moment, but I covered it up with a cardigan. I guess it's time to go SHOPPING, who's coming with me?

This picture doesn't do it justice, it's way bigger than that!

The nausea is also finally gone gone gone! Ugh, that was a doozy, but I feel fortunate that it only lasted about a month. It comes back occasionally (I did throw up the other day while taking out the garbage), but other then that I'm feeling pretty good. Did I mention vinegar gives me nasty heartburn, shoot. Fulfill the cravings or feel the burn, pretty sure the burn is worth the joy vinegar brings me, and I just pop a couple Zantac.

I get to go to the doctor again on Wednesday, oh wait that means giving more blood. Scratch that, I have to go to the doctor on Wednesday. I'm pretty excited to hear the heartbeat again though, there is nothing in the world that compares to hearing another persons heart beat inside your belly.

I started my FINAL semester in the teaching program on the 29th, student teaching baby. It has been really fun so far, also very hard, but I knew it would be. The kids are the dang cutest things I've ever seen, but they are tough. The school is 70% Hispanic, and in my class there are just 7 white kids. That creates a lot of language barriers we are trying to break through, but I'm remembering some of my Spanish from high school and my little second graders are helping me out, it's pretty cute.

Grant is running our business like a champ. For a week there he was the only employee we had. Between 1 tech being let go, 1 tech moving away, and me starting school he was the lone man standing. Fortunately, we've hired 2 techs and today is their last day of training so Grant just has to man the office.

Oh, and I can't forget the happiness news of all, today the high was 83. It hasn't been 83 here since like May, and that is including night time. This morning I even went for a walk... outside! It was incredible. Don't worry it's only been over 100, 63 times this year. 63! Is that a joke? Oh Texas I promise I will love you again when you are beautiful in the winter.

Time to go drink some vinegar!