Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I promise there are more exciting things in Texas

The bug stories are just too good not to share. Monday morning we woke up to a nice surprise in our sink. Until Monday I had managed to steer clear of the dreaded cockroach. Not only just a cockroach, but a half alive cockroach. Grant started messing with it and it started hopping around. I screamed and jumped and did a bit of a "getting attacked by a bee" dance. It seriously creeped me out.

The story in TX is that where there is one roach, there are more. Grrreeeeaaatt. Well here's our roach. It is NOT a small roach.

Yup that roach is nearly the size of Grants pinky, and no Grant's pinky is not small.
Oh and ya that's the roach IN A BAG. Grant wanted to bring it to show and tell at work. (He is a pest control salesman you know.)

How did we kill the roach without smooshing it? Grant attacked it with bleach. It worked.

What a guy huh? Grant didn't scream, but I know he was freaked out.

(Notice the plate of cookies in the background. I may or may not have made homemade cookies every Saturday since we've been in TX)

I do promise that there is more to Texas than bugs, but there are A LOT of bugs. Come visit, I'll show you.

Friday, June 4, 2010

In Case You Were Wondering

I have the ABSOLUTE most adorable nieces and nephews in the world. Grant and I spent the weekend in Dallas and let's just say it was EXACTLY what I needed.

Look at that smile! haha. Phoenix is a fun fun kid. He is always up for a good tickle fight. He would just run and throw himself at me, I loved playing with him!

Paige has the most friendly and bubbly personality. She gave me the BIGGEST hug when she saw me this weekend. It was a rare thing to see Paige without a smile on her face.

Scotty is becoming a little man. He wanted to hold my hand the whole time we were grocery shopping in Costco. What a lovable guy!

I kept catching myself staring at Romney. He is the most beautiful little boy. He's a very calm and serious little guy, so mature for a baby.

Daniel and I have a special bond. Well at least I do with him. He was my baby last summer. He has the cutest little raspy voice. I could listen to this kid talk for hours. His scream doesn't really even bother me because I'm just so obsessed with this little guy.

I didn't get a picture of Stacy and that describes her pretty perfectly. She is always all over the place so energetic. Stacy and I had a rough start, I'm not used to children defying me. But Stacy is a smart cookie, she can really have an intelligent conversation. Stacy was cracking me up all weekend.

And Chase. I wish I had a picture of Chase, but whenever he was awake he was in my arms so I didn't have any free hands to take a picture. What a SWEET baby!! I miss holding him already.

I loved this last weekend in Dallas. I'm so excited to live so close to my awesome in-laws. I really can say they are close friends as well! Only one more year and we're here for good.