Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I promise there are more exciting things in Texas

The bug stories are just too good not to share. Monday morning we woke up to a nice surprise in our sink. Until Monday I had managed to steer clear of the dreaded cockroach. Not only just a cockroach, but a half alive cockroach. Grant started messing with it and it started hopping around. I screamed and jumped and did a bit of a "getting attacked by a bee" dance. It seriously creeped me out.

The story in TX is that where there is one roach, there are more. Grrreeeeaaatt. Well here's our roach. It is NOT a small roach.

Yup that roach is nearly the size of Grants pinky, and no Grant's pinky is not small.
Oh and ya that's the roach IN A BAG. Grant wanted to bring it to show and tell at work. (He is a pest control salesman you know.)

How did we kill the roach without smooshing it? Grant attacked it with bleach. It worked.

What a guy huh? Grant didn't scream, but I know he was freaked out.

(Notice the plate of cookies in the background. I may or may not have made homemade cookies every Saturday since we've been in TX)

I do promise that there is more to Texas than bugs, but there are A LOT of bugs. Come visit, I'll show you.


Brooke said...

Those are some pretty huge bugs! I can't wait to see you guys again very soon!!

Sarah said...

first...those cookies may or may not have been contaminated by either the bleach or the roach. are missed...third...we cannot wait till the cruise.

elizabeth scott said...

I miss you guys! Hope your missing all of the buggy Scotts in Utah. Ha ha

Ryan said...

I just read your whole blog tonight and it made me miss you. I hope we get to see you soon. I love you.