Thursday, February 9, 2012

Baby Shower and Hiccups

This baby gets the hiccups ALL THE TIME. Yesterday, 3 times that I noticed. Poor thing... and they're so fast and close together. I hate the hiccups, but I LOVE watching hers, holy cow. I have a little under 5 weeks until my due date. Crossing my fingers that I'm like my mom and she comes right on time! New pregnancy symptoms are:
-I love this baby so much. I can't believe I get to have her forever. I cry when I think about it.
-I also cry when I think about puppies, Grant, old people, pretty flowers, you name it.
-I feel like a bus/whale/train all the time
-I found one stretch mark, tiny, but still there and on the top of my stomach what?!
-Babies movements are getting less crazy, she's running out of room to sprint from one side of my uterus to the other.
-Baby lifted Grants head the other day like a serious bench press it was hilarious.
-Heartburn is getting better
-Skin is breaking out
-CAN'T sleep, my poor poor hips
-I pee when I sneeze, or laugh to hard
-I still only have to pee 2 times a night usually (sorry that's it about pee)
-Grant found the most adorable (and best deal) on a crib, dresser, and pack and play. And he assembled what was supposed to be a 6 hour crib project, in.... wait for it, oh 30 minutes. What a stud.
-All the baby necessities are here and ready for her arrival!
-One day this random lady told me I should be a pregnancy model, I wanted to kiss her.

The ladies in my ward threw my an AWESOME french style baby shower. It was so great. Especially since I've only been here a few months, I couldn't believe the amount of people there and how generous they were. I feel so blessed to live where we do.

My friend Audrey is a cake boss we'll just say. She made this beautiful cake for me, not only does it look amazing, it was the best cake I've ever tasted. Victorian sponge cake with lemon/raspberry filling.

A side story: Grant is from California, and three of his close friends from high school all moved to TX. Their wives are GREAT. This is Kelly, she made me that gorgeous grey and yellow blanket in the belly picture and this adorable frame for the nursery. She's also given me boxes of Zantac, a prenatal yoga, and a hypnobirthing book, no not for my baby shower, just because. Did I mention everyone loves her, because they do.
Another side story: Our three husbands all sold pest control for Grant's bro in years past, and now we all live in TX too! See people everyone wants to live in TX, you should too. Eli (on the right) is exactly one month behind me in her pregnancy! And Dani came even though her and I are just barley getting to know each other. Nice friends eh?
And this will be me, all day, oh so soon. Believe it or not I can't wait.