Sunday, September 27, 2009

Enjoying it while we can

We didn't get much of a summer, so since we've been back we've been trying to get in as much of the outdoors as we can. I don't want winter to come. Usually I'm excited about snow and Christmas time, but this year I'm not. Maybe it's remembering how cold and sick I was all last winter. Yuck! One thing I am looking forward to is our one year anniversary, how fun that I have an anniversary! I never even had one of those with a boyfriend(I never had a boyfriend that lasted longer then 2 months before Grant), this will be my first time celebrating an anniversary! But this post is focused entirely on sunshine and the BEAUTIFUL, mild, Provo weather. The first weekend we were back we planned to go on a hike. We drove up, couldn't find the trail head we were looking for, turned around and drove all the way back down the mountain to fill up with gas, drove back up, still couldn't find the trail head, finally decided to hike around and find some kind of trail to hike for a few hours before it got dark. Well.... turns out we found the most beautiful little trail! It follows this creek and is so green!

The trail had all these fun bridges made out of cut logs to cross the creek in certain places.

The next weekend we decided it was time to camp. The Sunday of Labor Day weekend we loaded up after church and drove up to the Nebo Wilderness. It was GORGEOUS. We followed Payson Canyon up to a place called Maple Lake. It was pretty busy because of Labor Day, but we found an awesome spot for our little tent.

Our campsite

All we had was this small little hatchet so Grant put his manly muscles to work and chopped our firewood. I tried, after about 3 whacks I was too tired and my arms hurt... what a wuss.

I was the "gatherer" I found the best kindling out there... and even a few logs.


Maple Lake looks like a dirty pond/swamp... but it was still nice to be around water.

I LOVE this picture! I can just picture this look on our kids after they've been caught doing something naughty.

Frolicking through the cat tails.

We had the yummiest hot dogs for dinner. I love campfires... the best part of camping by far!


Night lover love.

Good morning. ha. I forgot how uncomfortable sleeping on the dirt is. I think I slept for max 1 hour at a time before waking up feeling like that side of my body was bruised. Growing up we always had the thickest and nicest foam pads, but our camping budget didn't fit that purchase for this trip. Next one for sure!

Snuck in a game of phase ten before we had to get back to finish homework... oh homework always ruining the fun.

Camping with Grant was one of the best experiences I've had with him. It was so fun just the two of us in the mountains. I don't think I've laughed so much in a while either. I love this boy.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


This summer Grant and I sold pest control in Dallas, TX. Let me tell ya about it...
It was hands down the most demanding experience of my life. I also learned so so much along the way about myself and about life. From the outside this job looks really hard, don't be fooled, it is crazy, ridiculously hard. You walk around, barge in on peoples daily lives, annoy people all day, listen to people tell you no all day, while sweating your brains out because it's over 100 degrees outside. Below are a few of my top favorite responses from people on the doors...

My #1 favorite was this older man...
Me: "Hi, I'm with Romney Pest Control!"

The most common response
Them: "I'm not interested."
Me: "Oh are you already with a company?" (said very innocently and doe eyed I'd might add)
Them: "I'm not interested." (As if I hadn't heard them the first time!)
Me: "Oh are you taking care of it yourself right now?"
Them: "I'm Not Interested!"

It always seems to end with a door slamming on my face.

Lastly was the most irritating, the dreaded teenagers.
Me: "Hey can I talk to your parents?"
Them: "What can I help you with?"
Me: "Oh I just need to talk with your parents thanks."
Them: "Well they're not interested."

So what would be your reaction? If I knocked on your door in the middle of your busy day how would you treat me?
This summer has really made me evaluate the way I treat others, especially those people who initially don't seem to matter, like the door-to-door salesman. It's also made me realize that everyone in life is trying to sell you something, and you do not have to buy it! Also, you never have to pay full price... if you haggle with someone long enough you'll get a GREAT deal. Lastly, I had to overcome my deathly fear of talking to people I don't know. The first month or so of the summer I would literally shake at every door. I dreaded ringing the doorbell. By the end I was still nervous, but I knew it wasn't the end of the world and all I had to do was talk to another person and people can't be THAT scary.
Overall I learned one heck of a lot and did something I NEVER EVER thought I could POSSIBLY do in my LIFE! I can't help but smile when I look back and think how tough I was. Granted I shed a LOT of tears, but Grant was great... even though the crying made no sense to him (boys don't really care what other people think do they)? I admire Grant SO SO much after this summer. Six summers really? He's a stud.

So what do ya think? Does that sound like summer? Isn't summer supposed to be filled with swimming, popsicles, friends, lakes, rivers, camping, and so much more? Ya well in this family we say no to summer, but yes to 8 glorious months of no work and you better believe I'm basking in EVERY minute of it! What I can actually have time to fold laundry now and not just leave it in the dryer until I wear it? I can cook a meal that doesn't consist of corndogs or frozen pizza? I actually have energy to talk to my husband at night and not just pass out? Sounds like Bliss, pure bliss.