Friday, August 6, 2010

To Remember Summer

This post is for selfish purposes. I've realized my only posts from this summer have basically only been about bugs. Gross. Personally, I would like to remember this summer for more reasons than just those.

Texas really is beautiful. It isn't Utah or Idaho mountainous beautiful, but it has it's own unique beauty.The sunsets are glorious here. No mountains to block them!

This was the scenery during our drive home from Dallas last time.

We've joined in on some of the local Texas fun. First we went tubing on the Comal River.... well river in Texas standards. The river goes right through the city. I wasn't so sure about the lack of nature, but I'm biased (the Hathaway's are hardcore river rafters you know).

This is not an exaggeration of how many people were there. Texas is HOT people, and cold water seems to be the only way to survive. Needless to say the river isn't the cleanest, or really even clean at all, but we had an enjoyable time. The whole sales team came and we just relaxed and laughed at all the crazies on the river.

There is this little concert hall/bar that I pass by on my way to work everyday. Much to my surprise and excitement Jerrod Niemann's name was listed on the billboard as an upcoming artist playing there. Jerrod Niemann sings one of my favorite summer songs "Lover Lover."
Jerrod was a slight disappointment. His songs were fun, but all he wanted to talk about was which ladies were going home with him that night. Really Jerrod? I mean your cute and have a very nice voice... but not everyone wants you. It was worth it just to hear him play "Lover Lover." You know that happy excited feeling when you hear your favorite song on the radio, well this was like that times 10! I totally smiled the whole time and sang along at the top of my lungs. It was an outside concert and it started about 8 so it was nice and cool..... er.
By the way, Texans totally dance!! I've never seen people dance the way they did, I can't even describe it. They get real close together and kinda shuffle around the stage, it looks slightly boring and mostly awkward. I felt the urge to line dance and Miss Caitlin Walton if you were there we would have rocked it.

We have eaten A LOT of yummy food, mostly stuff I've gotten to make. Here are some of our favorite new recipes:

Butter Brickle Amazingness
S'mores Bars
Sugar Cookie Bars
these White Chocolate Macadamia Cookies

So we really like sugar and goodies in this house.

We had dinner with Micah and Katy, and they're adorable baby Madison, some great friends of ours from Provo. I loved catching up with them and seeing them in Texas, if only we could live close by forever! It was so fun to hear how life has changed for them in Texas and how well things are going. I finally learned how to play Settler's and I'm basically hooked!

Oh and the bugs are still here, don't worry. Yup, that is a bag of crickets. Did you know crickets smell like dirty rotten diapers when they die. Grant gags every time he goes out to our porch because of these little suckers. Oh, and our washer and dryer are on the porch so occasionally our clothes smell like dead cricket diaper because yup you guessed it they figured out how to get in the washer.

San Antonio you've treated us well. Let's keep it that way for our last 2 weeks here please.


G and G Nut said...

Amazing that you are down to 2 weeks. Miss you both and love you both.

bloggingchristy said...

That is an insane bag of crickets! Thanks for the recipes! Maybe you should chop up some of the crickets and put them in the recipes. You could find a new favorite . . .