Monday, August 9, 2010


It has been a LONG time since I had a nightmare. I had forgotten how horrific they can be and how real they seem!
I was walking into a grocery store at night, it seemed like Albertsons, with my friend Caitlin. All of a sudden this white truck comes charging at me. I managed to jump out of the way, but in my dream I threw some profanity at the boys driving it. THAT MADE THEM SO MAD!

Stupid dream Zaundra doesn't know when to shut her mouth.

Anyways, it was this truck of 4 boys straight from Hotel Rwanda, machetes and all. I remember running into the store just as it closed so they knew I was the only one inside and had to come out sometime. I was in an office in the back of the store with the only store manager still there when all of a sudden we hear the vroom of the truck as it's slowly passing by the back of the store. Then the boys starting banging their machetes on the windows looking for me.
I wake up at this point, but my heart is racing and I'm sweating. I have to open my eyes look around and cuddle up to Grant to make sure it's not real.

So... I fall back asleep and it starts AGAIN! I'm still hiding I'm imagining all the horrible things that could happen. I call the cops, but my dream doesn't want the cops to come so somehow they never arrive and I'm stuck. My dream must really want me dead, it's horrible.
I woke up I again opened my eyes cuddled next to Grant again and tried my very best to think of happy things like flowers, Hawaii, the ocean. And luckily the dream doesn't come back.

Needless to say I'm exhausted today.

Nightmares suck.


G and G Nut said...

I'm exhausted just reading about it. I hate those kind of dreams too. Hope tonight will be sweet dreams.

Courtney Schramm said...

zaundra-- i am one that has that problem too-- nightmares all the time-- i don't go to the bathroom til the morning...ugh

bloggingchristy said...

Funny! Funny! I was laughing so hard! I have such crazy dreams too! I like dream Zaundra she's not scared of anything. I think dreams are so funny! It's crazy how real they seem sometimes!

Brooke said...

Wow what a dreamer you are! Hey that cricket bag is too grose. I can't believe how many crickets we've killed in just one month here. Seriously just this morning Spencer and I woke up to one on the wall above us and said man there aren't near as many spiders as crickets around here. what's that about? Spiders are much easier to kill too. No jumping involved atleast. love you guys.