Wednesday, August 18, 2010


#1. A quick visit from our babelicious friend Courtney.
#2. The absolutely delicious dinner we had at the Braken Store Cafe.
(Can I just tell you, best burger and onion rings ever.)

#3. This season of So You Think You Can Dance and basically every dance on it! Sooo good.

#4. My favorite summer reads:

#5. Late night swims and chats with him.

#6. Mostly just that guy up there. Ya, he would have to be my number 1 favorite.


Nick and Jessica said...

you look so stinkin hott!!! Sounds like you had a good summer. I am so excited to see you...hopefully sooner than later!

Love ya!

Brooke said...

Fun Favorites!! We have had blogging issues which is why our blog is so short and random. love you guys!