Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I reek

... literally.

*caution grotesque image below*

Tonight I stepped on one of these nasty boogers. All I wanted to do was get the laundry. Every night I walk out on our back porch I see tons of these creepy insects, and every morning they're all belly up. Tonight the beetle won the battle.

I took a step...
I felt something squishy and squirmy under my
BARE foot.
I instantly knew. I instantly freaked out.

I raced back inside and sat down to breathe. And this STENCH fills my nostrils... it's coming from my foot. Yes ladies and gents, here in Texas these are called stink bugs and I squashed it, unleashing all it potent juices onto my bare skin.

Best part... the smell won't come off no matter how much I scrub.

If I were you I would stay away from apartment 8107 tonight. (sorry hubs your not allowed to stay away ;) )


Devanie said...

Try soaking your foot in canned tomato sauce- i hear it works for skunks!

kelseybeth said...

Sick... darn you Texas bugs!

Heather and Nick said...

aww bless your heart. haha. I hate those things. Seriously- bugs are going to be your WORST nightmare, especially living in Texas... just get ready for Summer time. NEVER leave any doors or windows open... a) there's way too many bugs b) all your precious AC will be ruined by hot, texas humidity. Hope yall are doing well! and God Bless Texas :)

Brooke said...

Sorry Zaundra, that really stinks!!