Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Teacher Pants

Usually Halloween kinda just comes and goes in this house. But this year I've been making a point to be a little more festive. I've come to the realization that traditions don't just happen, but you have to make them happen so I'm doing my best. We carved pumpkins with a few really good friends and I must say it was the best pumpkin I've ever carved!

Can you guess whose is whose?
We've gone to 2 haunted houses this year. Nightmare on 13th and a $1 haunted house in Provo. Both were nice a creepy! We're going to the play Dracula on Friday and I think that should do it for Halloween spookiness.

I also started teaching today. Hence the "teacher pants" as the girls in my major like to call them. I met my mentor teacher and she is wonderful. I think it will be a great experience and hopefully I will learn a lot.

My first day of school! Teachers can't wear jeans... lots of "teacher pants" and skirts for the next month!


Brooke said...

Your pumpkins look fabulous!! Hey, you even look great in teacher pants!! Good luck teaching! You'll do great! Happy Halloween, hope it's nice and spooky!

G and G Nut said...

You will be such a fun, fabulous teacher!!

Jessica said...

Oh I'm jealous. Teaching is so fun!

Alexah said...

whoo whoo! lookin' good girly! I have TONS of "teacher" pants from taking pictures in schools so I can relate and this post made me giggle :)