Thursday, October 22, 2009

Instead of homework

Ya... I did it. Instead of doing homework tonight I copied a friends idea and went to this website to see what Grant and my children will look like. Most of them turn out pretty deformed so this isn't bad! To be honest it freaked me out when I first saw the picture. It doesn't look like either of us... and yet it does at the same time, but in a weird "I'm 3 but look like a 20 year old" kind of way. I can't tell if that's red hair... but I'm pretty sure that doesn't run in either family. This website is seriously fun!

Where did she get that luscious brown hair?

Grant thought they were absolutely hideous. Let's hope our kids don't actually look like this. Otherwise Grant won't think they're cute!

Oh and I did get my homework done. Go me.


Jordan, Jessica & Jellybean said...

lol those are some strange looking kids. the little girls isnt too bad but i think your kids will be a lot cuter than that!

G and G Nut said...

Is this an announcement?????????? #29 and 30???????
Gma Nut

elizabeth scott said...

You are so funny!!!!! I had no idea these kind of websites existed. Wow!!! I think someone is a little baby hungry (: You need to come for dinner Sunday. Our house might be a little bit like birth control for you. ha ha

Brooke said...

I can't wait to see the real results. :) love you guys
your long lost sis in CT.

Emily said...

The second one is a complete mutant! I love and hate this website. It's entertaining to see all the fugly kids you can produce. But sad at the same time.