Sunday, April 18, 2010

Spring Things

Spring time brings a long list of great things! After birthdays is Easter and Conference. Our good friends Nate and Kelsie were in town so we went to dinner with them! Kelsie and I had some much needed girl/shopping time while the boys went to priesthood.

So after about 1 month of being married to Grant I figured out that if he says lets not get each other presents for a holiday, he'll get me a present anyways. So for Easter I said lets just not get each other anything. But, sure enough we both got each other something anyways. At least Grant was surprised this time. He got me the new Lady Antebellum cd and I got him a pair of tennis rackets and some tennis balls. We have gone twice and let's just say I've come leaps and bounds since the first 10 minutes I played. Grant has been very patient with my tendencies to hit the ball over the fence, into someone elses court, making him run back and forth because I hit the ball out of the white line more than in it, and not hitting the ball over the net. I'm not good yet, but I'm no longer horrible. I love it! We have so much fun together just going and playing tennis!

I made homemade cinnamon rolls and little quiche's for breakfast on Saturday. The Cinnabon recipe from is the best I've found yet.

The semester ended, which was actually kind of sad for me. I made such good friends this semester and had SO much fun and next semester we're all getting split up so I was bummed. A bunch of girls from my program planned a big group date at a park. We barbecued, visited an old tree, danced like fools, played (or tried to) volleyball, and got hit in the head with a football to top it all off.

This is Melissa, Carly, Whitney, Me, and Caitlin visiting the old tree. I'm so glad I met all these girls this year!

I rewarded my self with my biannual hair appointment. It was so nice to go and get pampered for a few hours!

When we're bored we play with our camera, but this shows the hair too. It's just blonder, nothin spectacular!

I FINALLY took a dance class this year! I went with my buddy Ky Ky and a girl from school who used to dance. It FELT SO GOOD to dance again. I actually wasn't as bad as I thought I would be. It's amazing how therapeutic it is for me. But it is no cake walk! That bruise the size of my knee cap is from the class I took. Why is it I love getting battle wounds, I feel so tough.

We're moving to Texas in about two weeks for another summer. I have one more final on Tuesday (out of a whopping 2) and then it's packing, nannying, cleaning, and womens conference with Grant's mom and sisters. Hopefully these next few weeks are filled with lots of outdoorsy adventures because it is BEAUTIFUL!


Reimstar said...

Oh what a great spring post! Sad I missed the bbq, and even more sad I won't get to see you all summer :( But have a great summer and keep updating! P.s. Your bruise is awesome!

G and G Nut said...

See you next week!!!!