Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Last Teacher Post For A While

Monday was my last day with my adorable 3rd graders at Orchard Hills Elementary. I cried to say the least. They were all giving me sad pouty faces all day long telling me they wished I didn't have to leave. I felt so loved. They surprised me with a book of notes they each wrote to me. I wanted to share a few.

Dear Mrs. Romney
thank you for the fun seince (science) you taught us. Thank you for helping and teach us. Thank you for coming will you come again. Thank you for being my friend. I hope you have fun playing at BYU. Ther's one more thing I want to say. you rock.
your best friend,

Dear Mrs. Romney
Thank you for every thing you have taught me so far. I really hope you teach here. You are one of the nicest people I know. I hope your class next year will listen to your lessons. Remember your beautiful.

dear Mrs. Roumy
I love the sience progecs that you had us do they wer so fun... I want to do it again I ber that you will be a good teacher. I bet evry one in the class likes you even me. You are so nice and you wil always be. You are ready to be a techer.

Dear Mrs. Romney
Thank you for everything and teaching the class science. And helping me with everything I needed help on ever ciencs (since) you bin hear. Your my best friend forever. I love you and I allways will. Forever I will always cepe (keep) you in my heart I will never forget you threw (through) all my heart. I now (know) I can allways ceme (keep) a seacret with you allways I never had a best friend like you. I like you forever.

Here they are

Pretty adorable right? Man I will miss them.

Grant and I are sitting at home trying to wait out the crazy blizzard that is supposed to be heading this way, worst one in 7 years they're saying. But really we just want to be driving home for Thanksgiving. Dang it snow. Anyways wish us luck, 7 am tomorrow we're braving it! Until then we'll probably just read Harry Potter, our newest obsession.


kelseybeth said...

That's so cute! My sister used to teach 2nd grade in Orem & I would go in and help out every week. Kids that age are so loving. It sounds like you are a gret techer :)

Devanie said...

What cute kids! I'm glad you had such a wonderful time- any kid would be SO lucky to have you as a teacher! Drive safe and have fun reading HP!

Brooke said...

How fun! Those letters are priceless. I hope you make it home safe and sound.