Sunday, October 30, 2011

A belly

There's the belly at 21 weeks. She is growing growing growing! Friday night I could see her moving around and poking her little limbs out. This whole pregnancy thing is pretty cool I must say.


elizabeth scott said...

Hi Zaundra,
This is Cecily. Mom, Grandma, Mckennah and I are so excited about your baby. We have some name suggestions for you. Cecily or Mckennah? Granty Lou or Dawsonella? j/k Mckennah likes Mataya or Coco. Cecily likes Swayzie.
PS You are too cute pregnant!!!! (Elizabeth)

Sarah said...

you are itty bitty! loved seeing grant on saturday and wished you could have been there too:( Hopefully we can get our babes together this summa!

Brooke said...

I love the baby belly. You are adorable pregnant too. It was so fun to see you and talk to you. Your little girl is one lucky girl. Good luck with your move. I love you both!