Thursday, March 1, 2012

Great Things

So many happy things happening!

I'm almost 39 weeks, and my midwife has given me the official "baby should be coming any day now." Although, it's starting to drive me crazy. Everyday I think this could be the day and every night I have to face the facts no baby, maybe tomorrow. Come on baby!

The tree next to our house is BLOOMING. I will admit I used to hate that ugly tree's limbs hanging over our driveway, but everyday I drive under the blossoms into the garage and it makes me smile. It's like having my own private archway. Now if that dingy tree on the left could get blooming!
Who knew a tree could bring so much happy!

I finally got my diploma this week!! I must say my name looks good on a college diploma. Dang. Sometimes it feels good to toot your own horn and well I'm tooting. I need to honk for Grant too. He was so supportive and encouraging. Teamwork for sure.

My friend Chelsea got us into this half price consignment sale last night. Just picture a huge storefront full of racks of clothes, toys, books, everything baby! I got all of the things in that picture for $30. A boppy pillow, a pillow cover, 5 outfits, and 3 pairs of shoes.

While I understand this baby won't even be walking for year, baby shoes are the most precious things I've ever seen, baby shoes and baby swimsuits!

I don't brag about Grant often, but I do think he is a great man and well I want to brag. He recently started selling again to put on accounts for the company. I am so grateful for how hard he works for us. Not only does he work hard, but then he comes home and tells me how grateful he is for all I do. He even offers to go grocery shopping, after he worked all night. That is love.

So many happy things, and so many more to come. A baby, my mom will be here the 19th, my sister will be here the 30th, and Grants parents will be here the end of May. Grant and I also have birthdays this month, March sounds like a party to me! Yes, even the no sleep, nursing all night, changing millions of diapers newborn thing is a welcome challenge. I'm going to be a mom, and I can't wait.


Ryan and Lisa Applonie said...

You are such a cute little preggo mamma!! Can't wait to see pictures when your little cutie pie debuts!

Sherrill Family Ramble said...

Sam and I are excited for you two to experience what we have for the last couple of weeks. It's so worth it!

You'll be a great mama. Having our baby here has been so fun, exhausting, tender, happy, nerve-wracking...everything. Something about being a mom makes me block out any of the frustration others might have from the newborn "challenges." I can't help but look at our girl and be so happy/grateful all of the time. It's all really beyond words. I know you'll be/feel the same. :)

Good luck with your delivery! Our best thoughts and prayers are with you both. Lots of love!

Carly Michelle said...

Ok Zaundra, you win for cutest pregnant woman hands down - can't wait to see pictures of your little girl when she arrives!

Brooke said...

Zaundra and Grant, I can't wait for both of you. I keep hoping to get the call that our new little niece is here. I am so excited for you and me to get to meet her soo soon. B.T.W- I can't even tell you enough, thanks sooo much for our awesome trampoline it has gotten so much use and we've even enjoyed sunny naps on it. Spencer and I are loving it as much, maybe more than the kids. Call us when the good news happens. We are just waiting. :) love you both!