Sunday, April 1, 2012

3 Weeks

I honestly can't believe we've had Grace for 3 weeks. She is almost a month! It has truly been the fastest 3 weeks of my life. I guess I'm starting to understand when parents say enjoy every moment because time flies and before you know it your kids are all grown up.

Grace is the best, biggest, most wonderful blessing in our lives. She has brought so much happiness. Even the late night feedings bring a smile to my face. She has the biggest, most alert, inquisitive baby blue eyes.

She loves:
Ceiling fans
Our headboard
Grant and I's faces
Sleeping on your chest
Cuddling in anyway
Getting her hair washed

She hates:
Her cherry medicine we have to give her for her thrush.
When she can't get milk out
Wet wipes
Baths (except the hair washing part)

Overall she really is so happy. She hardly ever cries, sometimes she doesn't even cry when I have to give her her nasty medicine. She grunts a lot. In the middle of the night when she's hungry she doesn't even wake up crying, she just grunts a little. She usually gives me one 4 hour stretch at night from one feeding to her next feeding. She burps like a champ, sometimes while she's eating. Her neck is ticklish. She has A LOT of extra skin to grow into, rolls of skin actually. She is REALLY hard to wake up when I need to feed her, however when I want to go to bed she wakes up the minute I put her in her bed. Funny how that works. I don't mind I just cuddle her on my chest and she sleeps just fine.

Overall I'm really so happy. I probably cry more then baby, but I'm crying less and less. Those first couple days after she was born were a real tear jerker. I'm constantly amazed how good I feel everyday after only 3 or 4 hours of sleep a night. I seriously struggle putting her down, I LOVE holding her. The first few weeks I had no appetite, but this week it's come back in full force. I feel mostly healed. Currently I'm working on finding the balance between constantly feeding (or milking), still working in the office, taking care of myself, and giving time and attention to Grant. Notice I didn't mention keeping up with house stuff. I figured that priority had to go for a little while.

Loves giving Grace kisses. Loves tickling Grace. Is probably ready for Mom to stop crying all the time. Is taking on a lot of extra work in the office and still selling every night. Has our yard looking tip top. Can sleep through me pumping, feeding, and changing Grace at night with the light on (the Romney's and their amazing heavy sleeping skills). Does any thing Mom asks of him. Is grossed out by Baby's spit up. Is a champ at burping baby.


Jenaca and Stephen said...

Zaundra, you are such a sweet mom! I am so happy for you guys! Having a baby is such an exciting, fun, tiring, and learning time. You are going to love watching her grow. She is lucky to have such a great Mom!

Brooke said...

I'm glad you are doing so well. I love reading your posts. It's so fun to hear all about Gracie and you guys of course. :) I love you and cannot wait to see Gracie in 1 week!!

G and G Nut said...

What a special time in your lives. Sounds like the nursing is going better. Can't wait for June to get here! Love you all.

Ryan and Lisa Applonie said...

3 weeks already?!? She is growing so fast and is such a little cutie. We are so excited for you guys. And your right, it goes by so fast!!