Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I figured these pictures captured her and what she's been up to the last month. Gracie Lou is officially 4 months. She is so stinking fun. Even when she's mad and yelling she is fun. She's our little drama queen and will definitely let you know if she doesn't like something, or if she loves something. She's either laughing because she's so happy or yelling because she's mad, there's not a lot of in between. She talks all the time and grabs EVERYTHING. It's so fun to watch her with her toys and see how excited she gets when she finally grabs them. She's officially rolling over all the time. She's been rolling from her stomach to back for about a month occasionally, but she does it every time now. Every time she rolls to her back she gets the biggest grin like she's so proud of herself. She's now working on back to stomach. She almost has her feet in her mouth, they are always tucked up like in the picture. It's cute to see her personality start to emerge. She always laughs when she hears me laugh, which makes me laugh more, which then makes her laugh. It's a fun little circle we have going on. She's about to break a tooth through, I'm hoping soon. She's sleeping through the night 8-5 and it's amazing. She still is a horrible napper, but I've finally just stopped stressing about it. Today she fell asleep in the car WITHOUT CRYING and without her binky. I was SHOCKED! Have a mentioned she's always hated the car? Cause usually car rides consist of her crying  screaming the whole time. Here's our little squirmy wormy, her new nickname from mom. 

That tongue is always out or rubbing on her bottom gums. 

Cute legs. 


Happy she found her hand. 

A regular occurrence. Her hands are always soaked from chewing on them.

The cheeks are plumping up nicely, so nice to see her so healthy! 

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Ryan and Lisa Applonie said...

Love those blue eyes! She is so cute!