Monday, November 2, 2009

Heart Attack?

Last night Grant started complaining about chest pains. So we get on the ever-so-trusted WebMD symptom checker (our first go-to source in times of illness). Grant proceeds to list his symptoms and with three of them a warning sign pops up that says seek medical attention IMMEDIATELY. Ohhhh great. As of right now Grant has no health insurance so he decides he'll be okay not going to the doctor. Meanwhile Grants mom is telling him horror stories over the phone of husbands dying in their sleep and teachers hearts exploding in class!!! (We love you Karen) Grant please get health insurance and please don't die in your sleep or in class... or at all for that matter. Stress.

I thought this picture summed up our feelings pretty well. Grant hiding from his health problem while I just sit there sad and worried.


Christy said...

Romney men often need a reality check before they act on things. I am just here to help you out and get things moving. Isn't that what mother-in-laws are for? By the way, this is MIL Karen on Christy's computer. :)

Brooke said...

Grant-get the ins. I don't want you to die either.

Bridger and Jordan Booras said...

oh no- how scary! Bridger used to have somethign like that in high school. One time we were talking on the phone late at night and he started literally screaming on the phone. And his mom was out of town so he was home by himself, and i was like 15 so I couldn't drive there to help! So i just cried. What is it about guys thinking they don't need help anyway? It took years for Bridger to actually get it checked out. Tell Grant to wise up :)

Jesse Pugel said...

Oh no. First of all, Jordan...what in the? What was Bridger yelling...oh geez. That must have been soo scary.

Secondly, and probably more important, I KNOW ALL ABOUT HEART ATTACKS. You should have called me. WebMD freaks everyone is a killer. People come into the ER all the time saying they checked their symptoms on WebMD and they are completely freaked out about something really unproblematic. In saying for sure don't want to mess with chest pain. That is tooo scary. Hope he is feeling better. Stop stressing out and make sure you're careful what you may cause heartburn that parallels an MI.

Feel better Grant.

Zaundra and Grant said...

If it weren't for my doctor Jesse I don't know what I would do. Thank you. Next time I'm skipping WebMD and going straight for JesseMD.

Jessica said...

It was the pumpkin bars. Thanks a lot Kelsie!

And Romney immune systems don't need insurance.