Saturday, November 7, 2009

Horribly Amazing

The title says it all.
My amazing friend Jesse came to stay with me for a weekend and horribly amazing things happened.


Laughing so hard till we cried. (Notice the tear running off my nose)

Laughing even more.

Taking pictures for an hour straight of only ugly faces. This was the winner.

My adorable new clothes courtesy of Jesse's large American Eagle discount. Minus the scarf, we spent forever trying to tie that scarf in the new-trendy way... couldn't figure it out.

The best way we could figure out. Beautiful.

Out cute matching friendship hair clips.

Super fun trip to the Lagoon! Jesse's first roller coaster!

Progressively getting more and more terrified of the not so scary roller coasters.

Jordan is a little freaked out!

First roller coaster ride in 5 years, I totally forgot how scared I get.

We also ate an enormous bag of peanut butter M&M's. Stayed up until 4 am talking. Danced A LOT to the Black Eyed Peas "I Gotta Feelin"... I'm obsessed with that song.

This is where the pictures end. Why? Well what happened... we went on the craziest straight up and straight back down roller coaster. It was sooo fun. Because of the craziness we decided to go on a little more relaxed ride that just spins you around in circles. As we're on the ride we think lets take a picture. Jesse can't find her camera or her keys (she drove). We realize at this moment the keys and the camera are somewhere at the bottom of that horrific ride, but we can't do a thing about it because we're strapped in. Jordan drooled on me, we laughed probably the entire time and then got really sad because we realized without that key we have no way to get home. The next few hours consist of us eating nasty "fair" food while trying to figure out what we're going to do... Oh ya we didn't bring our cell phones, they were locked in the car. We eventually get change use a pay phone call AAA and wait.

Jesse's camera was found... smashed to bits. (Did I mention it wasn't Jesse's camera, but her roommates 200$ camera that she borrowed... oops). The key was never found.

All in all I think it was more amazing then horrible.


Brooke said...

How Awesome!! Glad you made it home.

britt and jacob said...

i love it. what a fabulous girl weekend! and i love that i finally found your blog! i cant believe all this time we have gone without checking up on each other:) i love you zaundra! and we need to get together soon. hopefully we will run into you at church tomorrow and we can play hookie in the halls...