Sunday, November 6, 2011

A birthday girl

My sister has a big birthday today. I so wish I could be with her to celebrate and eat lots of yummy food and dance around together. Instead I want to tell you why she is an amazing sister.

Always there to play dress up with. I don't know anyone else who I can always count on to dress up with and not need an occasion for it, I love it.

A true testament of an amazing sister. When I moved to New York City she came to visit me and it rocked. We got to see Phantom of the Opera, eat lots of yummy food, and walk around the entire city. Let's go back.

Another reason we're sisters. No one else can make as great of faces and poses as my sister and I. It must be the dancer in us.

I really shouldn't have posted this picture, my head looks ginormous. I have always been bigger than my sis. The joke was if I stood behind her my shoulders would still stick out, what can I say I have football player shoulders.

Thank you for pushing me up to level hard on Rock Band CoCo!

Did I mention she is seriously beautiful?

We look alike. That face wasn't planned, we're just that good.

CoCo I love you I'm so glad I got to be your little sister growing up. I'm glad you used me to play dress up and loved me so much. I'm especially glad I get to be not only your little sis but your friend now. I can't wait for you to be the best Aunt to my little baby the world has ever seen. Happy Birthday!!!!

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