Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Something I've noticed during this pregnancy is the fact that changes don't happen over a week long period slowly, they happen all of a sudden. For example, all of a sudden my belly is huge and everyone asks how far along I am, but seriously the day before no one could tell I was pregnant. Or one night I'm sleeping just dandy and the next I'm tossing and turning, and turning is suddenly very difficult. One day I could eat whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. Now I seriously have a nightly ritual of 2 Tums at about 5:30 for the heartburn. Baby used to give a kick every few days, one day last week she just decided she would kick all day long. That part is actually pretty cool, especially feeling what part of her body is where. I can now tell the difference between little feet and a big bum that's stuck in my ribs. I've found she enjoys the right side of my stomach and especially my right ribs, she must feel safe there. I wonder what the next changes will be? Not being able to tie my own shoes all of a sudden?

I'm officially done with college! I finished my student teaching last Friday and I feel so free. Sure, I have a TON of stuff to do for the business, but it's my own time now and I love that. The last day of school was really sweet. Those kids are the best, I'll post about them soon.


Bridger and Jordan Booras said...

I just can't wait to meet this little munchkin... Good thing my friends have such cute kids until we get our act together huh? Wish Texas wasn't so far away but so excited for you! House, baby cookin away, graduating from school. CONGRATS!! You did it! Remember when you and Grant were apart and we had a couple sleep overs? And prank called people and bought doughnuts that we had to hide in the store so people didn't think we were fattys? And then you were reunited and now you are just so grown up. Proud of you miss!! xoxo- Jordan

Sarah said...

i really need you to updates your blog with picks of that belly of yours...we wanna see!!!!!!!