Sunday, January 15, 2012

32 Weeks

Here she is! I didn't realize how big I was until I was taking the picture, woah! Not a lot to report out here in Texas. We're loving the warm winter. It makes the crazy summers worth it. Our house is finally getting put together and it feels so nice! Grant and I actually did our first day of yard work on Saturday. It reminded me how much I like doing yard work on a beautiful sunny day. We had some flower beds that needed serious cleaning out and bushes that needed cleaning up. It looks so much better. Sadly, I've been researching what kinds of flowers and plants grow well out here... umm nothing. No tulips, no daffodils, no lilacs... sad day. I'm just going to have to get creative! The newest pregnancy symptoms:
-the kicks are starting to hurt
-heartburn follows every meal
-I can't paint my own toe nails
-she is so fun to watch moving around
-she loves early morning and late night, lucky me
-she still prefers to kick my ribs on the right side
-my shirts are very quickly becoming belly shirts, I might finally have to buy maternity tops
-dry skin all the time

Grant and I have been enjoying lots of time together, running errands and doing stuff for the business... and some fun stuff too. We are happy the Mavericks are finally stepping up and playing better, it makes it way more fun to go to the games. The first game we went to was a nightmare, but last night they played awesome! Sorry Jimmer we still like ya, but we gotta stick with our Mavs.

Tonight I'm making Cafe Rio's sweet pork salads, not quite the same, but it'll have to do. And yesterday I would have killed for a J Dawgs. Missing Utah food that's for sure.


Caitlin and Aaron said...

You are looking great! So happy for you; you are so close!! Let's catch up this week:)

Ryan and Lisa Applonie said...

You look great and your getting so close to being done! I understand ya on the Utah food... Making it at home isn't the same and Ryan makes fun of me for craving those, I am glad to hear you do it too :)

Hill Family said...

I'll come paint your toenails anytime you want them done!

Brooke said...

I wish i was there and could eat cafe rio dinner with you. You are an amazing cook. I tried to make asparagus like you made for us and it shriveled up on me. I think it stayed in the oven too long. The belly is lookig very cute. I am so excited to meet this little one. Our kids are loving the trampoline. We love you guys!!