Wednesday, May 30, 2012

2 Month Dance Party

A few weeks ago this little lady hit 2 months. Wow. Fast. Where did my newborn go? She is getting a personality on her. A social butterfly mixed with a little sass a little sweet and a lot of spunk and you get Grace.

Mom and dad
Being talked to
Watching mom get ready
The monkey on her bouncy chair
Ceiling Fans (still)
Her cousins
Her hands and feet
Chewing on her hands
Chewing on her tongue
Mom's hair
Being held facing out

Not being able to see people so...
The car... ugh the car. Cue the screaming baby.
The first few minutes of being put to sleep for naps
Getting out of the bath
Loud noises
Spitting up. Hopefully she outgrows the reflux soon.
Shots. Duh.

She is so fun these days. Just last night she slept from 8:30-5:30 with one little wake up at 2:30 that a little binky loving was all she needed. She's starting to nap on her own for around 30 min to an hour, and to top it all of she's put herself on a schedule to eat her total daily amount during the daytime hours because she wants to sleep at night. Really though she started taking 4-5 oz every 3 hours and since then has slept SO much better at night. Thanks baby. She's still spitting up a ton and the medicine the dr. prescribed didn't do much so we took her off it. She's starting to make different sounds than just her normal ooh's and ahh's and we LOVE it. Babies rock.

Some most days you just need a dance party. 

Her stats:
Weight- 10lbs 2 oz (50%)
Height-22 1/4 (50%)
Head- 16 (90%) ya that's right my baby has a big brain :) 

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Spencer said...

She's adorable. Can't wait to see Grace and "socialize" with her!!